Today was our second day on the job. Yesterday, we had last week’s team still here to work with us, but they left this morning at 3 AM. So we were on our own today.

I was unfortunately called on to be team leader for this group – which really shows what kind of pinch they were in! One of my duties as team lead is to get up and go to the command cell to get an assignment each day. The command cell is operated by Southern Baptists from Arkansas. Milling around the Arkansas trailer is an enormous group from Arizona. I noticed a few days ago that the team leader is oftentimes referred to as the “blue hat”. I didn’t understand it then, but now I do. Arizona’s team all walk around with yellow hats on if they are workers, and the team leaders wear actual blue hats. How did I not see that coming?

So I come strolling up in a camouflage Tennessee Titans hat, a Captain America shirt, and old Army ACU pants. I definitely don’t look the part, but they are all nice and gracious. I get the assignment and head back to communicate it to the team I’m with from Bradley County. My team is awesome! They are a group of folks that came to make some stuff happen. It’s a conglomeration of Christians from First Baptist Cleveland, Philippi Baptist, Thompson Springs Baptist, and me, from West Cleveland Baptist. We have gone in and worked hard both days. Everyone is engaged and excited to be working for the Lord in a way that will show the love of Jesus to someone in need.

We were sent to a the home of a woman who is wheelchair-bound due to 2 broken hips. She was not around, so we dealt with her daughter Bonnie. There were rooms that were full of belongings – and one room that still had carpet that had been wet since the floods. Keep in mind – there had been about 2 feet of standing water in this house, so everything that got wet was exposed to all sorts of stuff in the water and is ruined. All sheetrock, carpet, insulation, furniture, … you get the picture – had to be busted and hauled to the road for trash pickup. This home needed attention in a bad way – and our team came in and whipped it into shape in one full day. Bonnie was blessed, and so was our team for the opportunity. We will be back at it tomorrow with a new project!

God bless,

Pastor Matt

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