Today we knew exactly where we were going and what we were doing. We were headed back to our friend Michael’s house to finish the job on his big home. You may have seen the pictures from yesterday’s post  where Michael’s home was filled with 5 feet of water. He also lost a truck, a Mercedes, and a Harley to the flood waters in his garage. It was amazing to see the amount of damage done to a home filled with flood waters.


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When tragedy strikes somewhere other than my home, I’m sure my thought process is similar to that of many others. “I wish there was just something I could do!” I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be here doing my part to help for a week. I have found myself repeatedly thanking the owners of the homes for the opportunity to be with them for a day or two. Michael was always quick to correct me with his encouraging smile and voice, “The blessing is mine! Thank you guys for coming out! I don’t know what I’d be doing without someone to help.”

That’s really the amazing part about this home and owner for me. Here’s a guy that owns a nice home that is wrecked after the storm. He is obviously going to be dealing with emotional attachments to things he has lost for some time as he copes with the events of this tragedy. For two full days, he watches and works with us to carry everything from the first floor to the road. He has to deal with scavengers stopping by to ask if they can dig through the pile to look for scrap metal and whatever else they are after. He had to wait on the FEMA inspector to show up today at 10 AM to look through his house and decide whatever it is they decide…. It all feels like the world is moving on – and all these homeowners need is a breath of fresh air and a minute to process what’s going on. It is all so unpredictable – like driving a curvy road on a foggy day.

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With all that said, when we show up to help, Michael constantly reminded us that “God sent us” to him, and ultimately that God is good! In the midst of life’s storms, there is only one place to find refuge. Having faith isn’t about re-visualizing all the events of life as pleasant… having faith is understanding that God is good no matter what may come. Don’t see God through the filter of of your circumstances – see your circumstances through the filter of God’s goodness. Our neighbors in Texas, Florida, and everywhere in between are being put through a real test right now. We should uplift them in prayer and pray that they would lean on the one true God – for He alone is good!


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