Today we went to the house of a man that had a really scary experience in the flood. You can see from the featured picture where the water line was on the glass door. The paper I got described 60 inches of water that had been in this house! I knew the house would be in rough shape, but I didn’t know there would be a scary story attached to it.

Michael has lived in this house long enough to weather a few storms. He has gotten used to expecting these bad storms to pass by without really needing to evacuate. He stayed in his home as the flood waters came in… and they continued to rise. He was in the water up to his chin when he decided to get on his roof so that he could hop in his boat and get out of there. When he hopped into his boat to make a getaway, the battery was dead. He had to flag down a rescue boat to get out of the storms and rising flood waters.

His house is large. It’s a 5 bedroom house with lots of bathrooms and closets. Our team worked really hard today to rip out all of the sheetrock, tile, insulation, doors, etc. It was a huge job. Michael stayed in there and worked HARD all day long with us. With all of us working hard, we still were not able to finish it today, but we knocked most of it out. We look forward to finishing tomorrow and setting our new friend up for the next steps of getting his home back in order. See the pictures below for an idea of what his neighborhood looks like….

We will be back at it tomorrow with just a few days to go. It’s been an awesome trip with a great team. God is being made known to the people of this community in a big way!

God bless,

Pastor Matt