Adult Sunday School 1

Adult Sunday School 1 is taught by Tony Richmond. He is a full-time land surveyor, and he has a full-time passion to serve God. In Tony’s class, they work through studies of the books of the Bible. If you’d like to join a class that will challenge you to think deeper and want more out of your study of the Bible, come see Tony at 9:45 on Sunday mornings.


Adult Sunday School 2

Adult Sunday School 2 is taught by Doyle Hawkins. Doyle is a faithful member of West Cleveland and has served as the teacher to this class for several years. Doyle works at Cleveland State Community College. In addition to leading his class through a Sunday School literature book, Doyle has been instrumental in leading his class to combine their efforts to love various groups of people. As a class, they have supported deployed soldiers and folks in need (members and non-members).


Adult Sunday School 3

Adult Sunday School 3 has a particular niche in our church. Led by Brenda Geren, this class centers on Senior ladies. A wonderful blend of maturity in Christ and genuine, heartfelt love, these ladies are a treat! If you are a senior lady that wants some fellowship, or if you are simply needing to be loved on by a room full of grandmas, this class is for you!